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Joke Home > Fun Pages

Fun Pages

Displaying Jokes 1 - 20 of 33

Fun Page Name Date Added Views Votes Average Vote
2 Girls One Cup Song 7/6/2008 20,015 1,224 160.63
A Letter to Britney Spear's Ex-Husband 1/12/2004 17,407 0 0.00
Arnold Schwarzenegger Prank Call to Kraft Foods 1/23/2007 17,737 393 0.02
Brokeback to the Future 5/21/2006 13,707 192 0.09
Charlie Bit My Finger 4/7/2012 12,421 332 0.00
Christmas Moon 12/19/2002 17,610 266 0.30
Drunk Pumpkins 10/31/2002 18,116 322 0.52
Drunken Web Page 11/14/2006 15,758 311 0.03
FREE Magic Cup Holder 5/15/2003 53,410 918 1.02
Ghetto Girls (PowerPoint Slide Show) 11/7/2002 50,977 0 0.00
Going to Heavan Or Hell? 2/1/2004 12,309 0 0.00
High As Fuck Video 7/6/2008 17,263 293 0.04
How quick are your reactions? 8/21/2006 9,297 0 0.00
If Condoms Had Sponsors 6/14/2003 20,541 377 0.96 - This Land 8/2/2004 13,870 0 0.00
John Kerry-n-John Edwards, BFA 8/2/2004 9,898 0 0.00
Kill Pokemon 2/10/2003 42,640 774 1.36
Little Johnny In School 10/13/2002 19,483 516 1.24
Lover's Ad Lib 2/14/2003 18,098 262 0.42
Napoleon Dynamite Dance 5/21/2006 13,012 312 0.07

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