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The Best Pickle Ever

****This Joke Is Really Long****  <br><br><br>  A little old woman walks into a hotel and asks for a room. "Sure," said the clerk, "we have 3 available. Would you like the top, middle or bottem floor?" "I would like the bottom floor please, I love to eat my pickles in pease. Besides, an old woman like me cant get up any higher than the first floor." "That's fine ma'm, but there is one thing. There is a hole going through all 3 rooms because construction wasnt finnished. I hope it's okey that there will be a hole in the roof?" "That's fine," said the woman and took her room.   <br><br>  Second, a scruffy looking cowboy charicter walks into the hotel and asks for a room. The clerk tells the man the same thing he told the woman, but the first floor os taken. "Well, I guess i'll take the top floor. I always did enjoy heights. I just want to keep my peace in my shaven my pubes." So the man took his room.  <br><br>  Finnaly another young man walked in. HE looked kinda dirty and a little beat up. "Sir, are you okey?" Asked the clerk. The man a little with the shutters answered, "Quick! I need a room. I just took a SHIT loead of viagra and need to beat off!" "Well," said the cleark, "We have one room left, but it's on the second floor. It has a hole in the floor and one in the roof." The clerk explianed the same thing as tho he did to the old lady and the cowboy. The young man agreed as since he did not care. "I just want a room." He said. So he took to his room.  <br><br>  That night while eveyone was in there room doing their thing.   The cowboy on the top floor shaving his pubes.  The young man on the secong floor jacking off.  The old woman on the first floor eating her pickels in peace.   <br><br>  The morning came and everyone came from their rooms.  First the cowboy came out and clerk asked him how his night was. "Well," said the cowboy, "it was pretty bad. I was calmly shaving my pubes when i dropped my razor into that big'ol hold you got in the floor." "Thats horrable!" said the clerk, and gave him his money back.  <br><br>  Second, the young man came out holding his crotch in pain. "How was your noght?" asked the cleark. "IT SUCKED!" exlaimed the young man. "I was jerken off minding my OWN buisness, when all of a suddan a razor came flying down that hole in the roof and cut off my dick!! Then I lost it through the hole in the floor!" The clerk appologyzed and gave him double his money back.  <br><br>  Finnaly the old woman came out with a big smile and a stretch. "How was your noght ma'm?" asked the clerk. "Oh, it was the best night ever! I slept under that nasty hole in the celing and woke up with a haircut. I remember falling asllep eating all my pickles, but in the morning I woke up and found another pickle I must have missed. And let me tell you, it was the best darn pickle I ever had!"

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