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Mommy! Mommy!

A little boy bout the age of 8 wanted to take a shower with his mom so he asked her if he could and she said ok jus dont look up or down and he said i promise i wont so in the shower his curiosity took over him and he looked up and   he said," mommy what r those?"   She said,"those r my headlights."  and then he looked down and said,"mommy whats that?  she said,"thats my jungle."    The next day he wanted to take a shower with his dad and he said ok jus dont look down and the boy agreed so in the shower the boy couldnt help but look down so he did and he said,"daddy whats that?"  "thats my snake.", he said     Then later that night the boy wanted to sleep with his parents cuz he was afraid of the monster so they said ok jus dont look under the covers he said ok i wont and knowing the boy by now he looked under the covers and he said,"Mommy! Mommy! turn on your headlights daddys snake is in your jungle!!!!"

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